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- Our Commitment -

Your Comfort & Living Experience

Your living experience is our first priority, this hotel must be the place that not just for stay, with our full facilities and services, our guest can be able to get a wonderful experience.

Value & Affordable

We believe that our properties, rooms, facilities and services are the best; the price is affordable and offers real value for money.

Focus on Quality

As a commitment to our guests, we will provide the best possible service for everyone; quality of services is one thing that we do not compromise on. We are more than happy to take care of you with full service mind; just like you're our family.


Sustainability, responsibility of environment, community and nation are our major concerns. Materials we use in this building, for eg, high-insulating capability wall panel, air-conditioner, inverter, LED lighting, and any other energy-saving appliances have been provided in order to make this building be a better place.