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- Our Story -

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Since 2005, our family's dream was to own a beautiful hotel in town, and be accepted by our customers. In 2003, this dream became a passion as we strongly believed in conceptualising our idea of "Sense of Zen Living", later giving birth to the brand name - Zensation. After much hardwork and zeal, in 2014, we established Zensation The Residence. We began our construction the following year, under the concept of "Minimalist Modern Zen", which blends the Zen philosophy and the city life. Our construction processes revolved around eco-friendly measures - from LED lighting to inverter appliances to high-insulating wall panels, we ensured that our efforts to save the environment are steady and concept-driven. 

In 2017, Zensation The Residence opened, promising to offer an amalgam of comfort and luxury, and live up to the guests' expectations.